Short Story Anthologies

A teen tells the truth about a crime, then suffers the consequences. (Part II) Fire & Ice YA, 2018. Free ebook here.

When the unidentified body of a man turns up in an alley, LAPD Detective Verity Thrett suspects it’s no accidental death. Much to her annoyance, the case also attracts the attention of a brash new transfer, Detective Finbar McNab, who’ll stop at nothing to get his derailed career back on track. As they spar over the investigation, they zero in on a lurid underground lifestyle that is concealing a long forgotten murder.
Praise from readers:
"Well written, engaging, and fast-paced."
"The quality of the writing really shone through with the characterisation and especially the detectives, who are both are well drawn and quickly established as relatable and sympathetic, if flawed characters."
Listen to the half-hour excerpt on Not Ready for Rhyme Time podcast!
 Available on Amazon and Smashwords
Short Stories

Captain Jek O'Jek & the Zorbies Save Stervia

A children's story about an intergalactic rescue mission. Harvard College Children's Project, 2020.

My Mother's Knives 

"Delightfully morbid about an obsessive neighbor lady"..."Stuck to my ribs"..."Scary, well written" ..."An inverted psychological horror." 

Bear Manor Media, 2010.

Life Stories

A homeless newspaperman burns his life's work to stay warm.

Centum Press, 2016.


A teen tells the truth about a crime, then suffers consequences at school. (Part II) Fire & Ice YA, 2018. Free ebook here. 

Literary Reviews
Because I Was There 

After witnessing a crime, a teen girl finds her conscience is tugged. (Part I) Fire & Ice YA, 2017. Free ebook here.

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