Christina Hoag

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Girl on the Brink

Girl on the Brink

Girl on the Brink - Spanish Version


"An engrossing tale of a dangerous teen romance."

"The characters are complex and well-written; the prose is subtly poetic and altogether beautiful."

"I absolutely recommend this book!"

"A meaningful and empowering book."

"A very emotional read for me and it still hits me even as I sit here typing."

"The 3 hours of sleep I sacrificed to finish this book was totally worth it."

"Truly one of the most emotional reads that I have read in a long time."

"Suspense, intrigue, drama and real-life struggles."

"I totally felt for these characters."

"A well-crafted and engaging book."


Skin of Tattoos

Skin of Tattoos Book Cover

"Readers will quickly become invested in Mags and his confrontation with an uncertain future. The overall experience is surprisingly nuanced and wholly enjoyable."

 "A wild ride through a world few get to see."

"An authentic and worthwhile read."

"A very touching story for such brutal reality. A brilliant book."

"I was completely drawn into the protagonist's world and wanting to find out how it would shake down."

"The superb writing and the escalating tension will hold you until the very last page."

"Fluidly poetic, dialogue spot on."

"A real page-turner that was hard to put down."

"A thought-provoking, literary story that kept me turning the pages."

"A great debut...full of the inevitability of lost lives."

"Great storytelling, great suspense, great characters."


"Hoag is a talented writer."