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Predator or prey. 

The Story

British biochemist Rowena Aldus, an eccentric recluse, has been studying the priapic properties of spider venom in Venezuela’s Amazon jungle for seventeen years. The government is on the cusp of revoking her research permit when she meets Guy Westerphal, an engaging American entrepreneur whom she sees as the answer to all her woes and the key to realizing her life's work as a conservationist. 


Guy turns out to be the answer to much different questions in her life, ones Rowena has seldom asked herself. But first, she must reckon with the law of the jungle: Be predator or prey on a journey that takes her into the Colombian rainforest, and then urban jungle of Miami.


A psychological thriller that explores the power of our past on our present and what it takes to overcome it.


Also available on Audible.


Published by Better Than Starbucks Press

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