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Predator or prey. 

A psychological thriller that takes the reader on a wild ride from the Venezuelan Amazon to the Colombian rainforest to the urban jungle of Miami. Rowena Aldus is a brilliant yet eccentric British biochemist who has dedicated her life to studying a spider venom that could cure erectile dysfunction. When she meets Guy Westerphal, a charismatic entrepreneur who offers to fund her research and her dream of saving the Amazon, she falls madly in love. Then Guy mysteriously disappears, and Rowena is framed for conducting illegal experiments on a native tribe. On the run from the authorities, she crosses the border into Colombia, where she must survive on her wits until she discovers the shocking truth about Guy and her own past, sparking her to embark on a mission of justice.


A psychological thriller that explores the power of our past on our present and what it takes to overcome it.


Also available on Audible.


Published by Better Than Starbucks Press

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