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I Am the Famous Carlos

A Novel based on the Life of Carlos the Jackal, the World's First Celebrity Terrorist
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He was the most wanted man in the world. Carlos the Jackal, the Venezuelan-born terrorist, carried out a wave of attacks across Europe in the 1970s and 1980s. A ruthless self-proclaimed revolutionary, he claimed to fight for the Palestinian cause and communist ideology, but also worked as a mercenary for rogue regimes and organizations. After bursting onto the world stage with the 1975 OPEC siege in Vienna, where he took 60 hostages and killed three people, he eluded capture for two decades. Finally arrested in a daring raid in Sudan in 1994, he was brought to justice in France where he is serving three life sentences for his reign of terror. This is the compelling story of how a pudgy schoolboy became a global celebrity terrorist. 

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Everyone goes for the jugular.

When a young lawyer is found dead in an alley, Los Angeles police Detective Desi Nimmo starts investigating. A tough, smart cop who doesn’t back down from a challenge, she soon discovers that the body is linked to a dark and dangerous world of sordid sex, money and murder.

To make matters worse, she has to deal with a ruthless rival, Detective Fin McNab, a disgraced cop who wants to sabotage her investigation to regain his own reputation. In this gritty and fast-paced thriller, Desi must risk her career to expose the truth.

The Blood Room

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"The plot was refreshingly different."

 "A gritty novel that reads like an old Sam Spade novel."
"Hoag builds the climax with skilled writing and perfect intensity." 
"It just lured me in from the first page."
"I loved the dialogue between the cops."
"An excellent read."
"The reveals and twists come at a tidy pace."
Photo by Sofia Sforza on Unsplash
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