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 Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2024, Commonwealth Foundation

 Longlisted, Top 3% of 7,359 entries: Short Story: The Mother Hive 

                                               International Literary Seminar Fiction Contest 2023

                                              Top 10 Runnerup Prose: Short Story: The Mother Hive 


                                              The Green Shoe Sanctuary Annual Summer Writing Prompt Contest 2022

                                               First Place: Essay: Claiming a Piece of My Past 

 Spirelights: St. Andrews College Creative Nonfiction Contest 2022

 Finalist: I Stayed


Toasted Cheese Literary Journal: A Midsummer Tale Narrative Writing Contest 2021

Third Place: The Night on the Rock

Eyelands Literary Contest 2021

Finalist: Slices of Cake: A Collection of Short Stories

                                            Muddy Paw Press: American Dread Anthology Short Story Contest 2021

                                             Finalist: My Mother's Knives


                                            Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition 2021

                                             Honorable Mention Creative Nonfiction: Global Citizen

                                             Honorable Mention Novel-in-Progress Excerpt 

International Human Rights Art Festival Creators of Justice Literary Awards 2020

Honorable Mention Short Story: Life Stories

Honorable Mention Essay: Moments: Bonding with Lifers

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Honorable Mention Keats Literary Competition

Selected Short Stories

Selected Nonfiction

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