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He was perfect. At first.

The summer before senior year, seventeen-year-old Chloe thinks she’s found the perfect boyfriend in Kieran, an aspiring actor, but he soon reveals a darker side to his charming quirks and carefree attitude. He’s possessive, jealous and prone to violent fits of rageful blame. Chloe tries to help him but soon realizes that he is beyond her reach. She must get away from him, but Kieran will not let her go. Chloe faces the ultimate choice: save herself or save Kieran.

This is a riveting, realistic story of a teen romance gone wrong, finding the courage to break free and the strength to survive.


Also available in audiobook and Spanish-language print and audiobook.

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Chica al borde Ebook Cover (6.45 × 9.25 in) (3).jpg
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